City of Oaks Pipe Band
Celtic Music Festival, May 11, 2002
Bethabara Park, Winston-Salem, NC
Pictures courtesy of Carin Walsh
Some of the members of the North Carolina Highland Regiment, a Revolutionary War re-enactment group, during the opening ceremonies. Opening Ceremonies

Left:  The Gemeinhaus, a combined church, parsonage, and school built by the Moravians at Bethabara.

Bethabara was a small village that they built in the mid-1700s, north and west of the better-known town of Salem which later became the basis of the modern city of Winston-Salem.

The other side of the Gemeinhaus, being guarded by the soldiers of the North Carolina Highland Regiment.

Left:  The drummers preparing for one of our performances.  Left to Right:  Brian Joyner, Kevin Walsh, Stewart Graham
Right:  Pipers and Drummers warming up in the band area.  Left to Right:  Bruce Wright, Andrew Prioli, Laurie Moffitt,  Eric Thresher, Brian Joyner, Kevin Walsh.
Right:  Laurie Moffitt, Eric Thresher, and Kevin Walsh warming up before the performance.

Marching to the performance.

First rank, left to right:  Bruce Wright, Andrew Prioli, Laurie Moffitt.

Second rank:  Eric Thresher, Michael O'Neill

Third rank:  Stewart Graham (the other drummer for this performance is not visible in the picture).

Right:  Playing in the circle.

Left to right:  Laurie Moffitt, Michael O'Neill, Bruce Wright, Stewart Graham (on bass drum), Eric Thresher (partially visible behind the drum).  The other players are not visible in this shot.

The stones in the background are the ruins of one of the buildings of the old Bethabara village.

In the distant background are the reconstructed walls of the old wooden fort, which was originally built during the French and Indian War.

Kevin Walsh and Stewart Graham during the massed bands.  The reconstructed walls of the old wooden fort are clearly visible.


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