City of Oaks Pipe Band
Playing for Saint Luke's Church - February 2002
Pictures courtesy of Kevin Walsh

An overview of the May 2001 beginning piping class playing for a service at St. Luke's Episcopal Church in Durham on February 17, 2002..

Left to right:  Alfredo Siochi (Assistant piping instructor), Erik Thresher, Ken Hanson, Bruce Wright (Piping instructor), Jerry Hudson, Carin Walsh.  Andrew Prioli is hiding behind Ken.

Overview of the group in St. Luke's sanctuary

Carin Walsh
Bruce Wright

Playing in St. Luke's.  Left:  Carin Walsh.  Right:  Bruce Wright

Jerry Hudson and Ken Hanson

  Jerry Hudson and Ken Hanson playing in St. Luke's sanctuary.

Andrew, Carin, and Bruce
Bruce Wright checking the tuning on Carin Walsh's chanter in Saint Luke's parish hall while Andrew Prioli waits his turn.

Carin, Jerry, and Ken in Saint Luke's parish hall before the service.
Carin, Jerry, and Ken

Bruce, Carin, and Jerry
Bruce, Carin, and Jerry in Saint Luke's parish hall checking the group's tuning before the church service.

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