City of Oaks Pipe Band
2002 Raleigh Saint Patrick's Day Parade
Pictures courtesy of Carin Walsh
An overview of the band marching in the 2002 Raleigh Saint Patrick's Day Parade.

Drum Major: Ed Elder

First rank of pipes:  Bruce Wright, Michael O'Neill, Andrew Prioli, Laurie Moffitt (not seen).

Second rank of pipes:  Bonnie MacPherson, Erik Thresher, Jerry Hudson (behind Ed Elder), Bill McGrath.

Third rank of pipes:  Rich Lovegreen, Ken Hanson, Robert White, Jeff Portzer

Fourth rank of pipes: David Quillin, Alan MacDougall

The only drummer visible in this picture is Robert Hudson.

Overview of Band

Left to right:  David Quillin, Ken Hanson, Bill McGrath, Kevin Walsh on bass drum.

Left to right:  Michael O'Neill, Bonnie MacPherson (Behind Michael), Erik Thresher, Rich Lovegreen (behind Erik), Andrew Prioli, David Quillin (behind Andrew), Ken Hanson, Jerry Hudson.

Before the parade.  Left:  Rich Lovegreen and Jeff Portzer.  Right:  Erik Thresher and Robert White.

During the parade.  Left:  Bonnie MacPherson and Bruce Wright.  Right:  Michael O'Neill and Jerry Hudson.

During the parade.  Left to right:  David Quillin (piper), Kevin Walsh (Bass drum), Michael Hugo (Tenor drum).

During the parade.  Left to right:  Ken Hanson, Greg MacNeill (Tenor drum), Bonnie MacPherson, Erik Thresher

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