City of Oaks Pipe Band - Contact Information

Note:  We've had several people send us email recently who had spam filters enabled
which require that all incoming email be from email addresses which are in their email
address book, but who then forgot to add our email address(es) to their address book
(and did not include a physical mail address or a phone number or in their email) so it
was impossible for us to reply!  If you use such a spam filter please remember to add
any email addresses from which you expect a reply to your email address book, or
alternatively please provide some other way for us to contact you.  Thanks!

Bruce Wright, Director
2008 West Club Boulevard
Durham, NC 27705
Email me 
Steve Quillin, Business Manager
5028 Gatewood Drive
Durham, NC 27712
Email me 
Price Oman, Drumming Instructor
10817 Bexhill Dr.
Raleigh, NC 27606
Email me 

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