The Bonnie Lass Of Fyvie
There was a troop of Irish Dragoons,
Cam' marchin' in doon thro' Fyvie Oh,
An' their Captain's fa'n in love wi' a very bonnie lass,
An' her name it was ca'd pretty Peggy Oh!

Noo there's mony a bonnie lass in the Howe o' Auchterless,
There's mony a bonnie lass in the Garioch,
Oh! there's mony a bonnie Jean in the toon o' Aberdeen,
But the floo'er o' them a' is in Fyvie Oh!

Oh! it's "Come doon the stair, pretty Peggy, my dear,
Oh! come doon the stair, pretty Peggy Oh!
Oh! come doon the stair, kame back your yellow hair,
Tak' a last fareweel o' your daddy Oh!"

"Oh! I ha'e got ribbons for your bonnie gowden hair,
I'll gi'e ye a necklace o' amber Oh!
I'll gi'e ye silken petticoats wi' flounces tae the knee,
If ye'll convoy me doon tae my chaumer Oh!"

"Oh! I ha'e got ribbons for my bonnie gowden hair,
An' I ha'e got a necklace o' amber Oh!
An' I ha'e got petticoats befitting my degree,
An' I'd scorn tae be seen in your chaumer Oh!"

"What would your mammy think if she heard the Guineas clink,
An' the hautboys a-playin' afore you Oh?
What would your mammy think when she heard the Guineas clink,
An kent you had married a sodger Oh?"

"Oh! a sodger's wife I never shall be,
A sodger shall never enjoy me Oh!
For I never do intend to go to a foreign land,
So I never shall marry a sodger Oh!"

"A sodger's wife ye never shall be,
For ye'll be the Captain's Lady Oh!
An' the regiment shall stand wi' their hats intae their hands,
An' they'll bow in the presence o' my Peggy Oh!"

"It's braw, aye, its braw, a Captain's Lady tae be,
It's braw tae be a Captain's Lady Oh!
It's braw tae rant an' rove an' tae follow at his word,
An' tae march when your Captain he is ready Oh!"

But the Colonel he cries, "Now mount, boys, mount!"
The Captain he cries, "Oh tarry Oh!
Oh! gang nae awa' for anither day or twa,
Till we see if this bonnie lass will marry Oh!"

It was early next morning that we rode awa'
An' Oh! but oor Captain was sorry Oh!
The drums they did beat owre the bonnie braes o' Gight,
An' the band played "The Lowlands o' Fyvie" Oh!

Lang ere we wan intae auld Meldrum toon,
It's we had oor Captain tae carry Oh!
An' lang ere we wan intae bonnie Aberdeen,
It's we had oor Captain tae bury Oh!

Green grow the birks upon bonnie Ythanside,
An' law lies the lawlands o' Fyvie Oh!
The Captain's name was "Ned" an' he died for a maid.
He died for the bonnie lass o' Fyvie Oh!

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