Words to Popular Pipe Tunes
Please note:  Arrangements of tunes to be played on the bagpipes are frequently modified from arrangements of the same tunes intended for singers.  This often (though not always) takes the form of additional flourishes and embellishments that are not in the melody as singers think of it (for those familar with it, the fourth bar of "Scotland the Brave" is a good example).  Also, sometimes it is necessary to make some adjustments in the tune to accommodate the scale of the bagpipe. The bagpipe has a compass of only a little more than an octave and has limited ability to add sharps or flats within its range. For these reasons, the fitting of the lyrics provided here to printed music intended for the pipes may not always be quite obvious or straightforward, but with a little trial and error you can usually achieve a reasonable result.
Many of these pages have links to MIDI or musical scores for the tunes.  More information on these formats and on software to read them is available on our Bagpipe Music for the Web tutorial page.  Note that MIDI is similar to a "player piano" and does not accurately represent any real piper or pipe band.  Not all tunes are available in all formats, and some do not have words.  The Bagpipe Music Scores page includes all tunes for which MIDI or musical scores are available online on this site, regardless of whether the tunes have words.
This collection is primarily one of songs whose melodies have been adopted for pipe tunes. There are numerous other popular songs and tunes that fit the bagpipe but have never been particularly popular pipe tunes; also, there have been words written to many traditional pipe tunes long after the tune was played on the pipe. In general these are excluded from this collection, though there are a few exceptions. For example, "Scotland the Brave" was a pipe tune for nearly a century before the words were written, but the words have become so well-known that it is included. Some other pipe tunes have also had words fitted onto them, including "The Barren Rocks of Aden" and "The Meeting of the Waters," but this appears to have been done long after they were written as pipe tunes and the words are not nearly so popular as those for "Scotland the Brave." For now tunes such as these are excluded.
You will find many songs here that have strong political and/or religious overtones.  Inclusion in this list is not intended as an endorsement of any particular political viewpoint.  Whether Green or Orange, Jacobite or Unionist, we should all learn to live together in peace.
All the Blue Bonnets Are Over the Border 
Amazing Grace
The Ash Grove
The Auld Hoose
Auld Lang Syne
The Back of Bennachie
The Banks of Allan Water
The Bard of Armagh
Believe Me, If All Those Endearing Young Charms
The Blue Bells of Scotland
Bonnie Charlie 
Bonnie Dundee 
Bonnie Galloway 
The Bonnie Hoose O' Airlie 
The Bonnie Lass of Fyvie
The Boys of the Old Brigade 
The Boys of Wexford 
Brown Haired Maiden
By Cool Siloam's Shady Rill
Ca' The Ewes
Cailin Mo Ruin-sa (The Maid I Adore)
Calon Lân
The Campbells Are Coming 
Cha Till MacCruimen
Colin's Cattle (Crodh Chaillean)
Corn Rigs Are Bonnie
Coulter's Candy
Danny Boy 
The Dark Island
The Dawning of the Day
Down By The Sally Gardens
The Earl Of Errol
The Ewe With The Crooked Horn
Fair Young Mary
The Fairy Lullaby
Fear A Bhata (The Boatman)
Flowers Of The Forest 
The Foggy Dew 
Follow Me Up To Carlow 
For Ireland I'd Not Tell Her Name
Galloway Hills
Gin I Were A Baron's Heir
God Save Ireland 
God Save The Queen 
The Green Hills of Tyrol
The Gypsy's Warning
Haughs of Cromdale
Highland Laddie 
A Hundred Pipers 
Inniskilling (Enniskillen) Dragoon
Jenny's Bawbee
Johnnie Cope (Are Ye Waukin Yet?) 
Jolly Beggarman
Kate Dalrymple
Kelly the Boy From Killane 
Kenmure's On And Awa', Willie
The Kerry Dance
Killiecrankie (The Battle of Killiecrankie) 
Let Erin Remember 
Lewis Bridal Song
Lochaber No More
Londonderry Air
Loudoun's Bonnie Woods and Braes
MacCrimmon Will Never Return (Lament)
MacPherson's Farewell (Lament)
The Maid I Adore (Cailin Mo Ruin-sa)
Mairi Bhan Og
Mairi's Wedding
A Man's A Man For A' That
The Maple Leaf Forever 
The Marine's Hymn 
Mingulay Boat Song
The Minstrel Boy 
Mist-Covered Mountains
Muckin' Of Geordie's Byre
My Bonnie Lassie
My Country Tis Of Thee 
My Lodging's On The Cold Ground
My Love, She's But a Lassie Yet
A Nation Once Again 
Neil Gow's Fareweel to Whisky
O Flower of Scotland 
O'Donnell Abú 
Oft In The Stilly Night
The Old Rustic Bridge (By The Mill)
Paddy Maginty's Goat
Piobaireachd Of Donald Dubh 
Rakes of Mallow
Rising of the Moon 
Road to the Isles
Robin Adair
Rocky Road to Dublin
Roddy McCorley 
The Rose of Annandale (Allendale)
The Roses of Prince Charlie 
The Rowan Tree
Sae Will We Yet
The Sash My Father Wore 
Scotland The Brave 
Scots Wha Hae 
Shoals of Herring
Skye Boat Song 
The Soldier's (Sodger's) Return
The Standard on the Braes of Mar 
Suo Gan
These Are My Mountains
Tramp! Tramp! Tramp! 
Twenty Men From Dublin Town 
Up and Waur Them A' Willie 
The Water Is Wide
Wearing Of The Green 
We're No Awa' Tae Bide Awa'
Westering Home
Wha Saw the 42nd? 
Wha'll Be King But Charlie? 
Wha Wadna' Fecht For Charlie? 
Whistle O'er the Lave O't
The White Cockade 
Will Ye No Come Back Again 
The Wind That Shakes The Barley
Within A Mile of Edinburgh Town
Woo'd And Married And A'
Wrap The Green Flag Round Me, Boys 
Yankee Doodle 
Ye Jacobites By Name

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