The Ewe With The Crooked Horn
The origin of this song is unclear.  It may be referring either to a
sheep's horn or to the curved tubing of a whisky still.
Oh, the yowie wi' the crookit horn
A' that kenned her could hae sworn
That sic a yowie ne'er was born
Here aboot or far awa'

But wad ye think for a' my keepin'
There came a nicken fen I was sleepin'
There came a nicken when I was sleepin'
And stole my yowie, horn an' a'

Oh, gin I had the lad that did it
I haw sworn as weel as said it
Though the de'il himsel' they should forbid it
I would gie his neck a thraw

She'd neither not carf nor keel
To mark upon her hip or heel
Her crookit horn it did as weel
To ken her o'er amang them a'

The yowie wi' the crookit horn
The yowie wi' the crookit horn
My ewie wi' the crookit horn
Is ta'en frae me and sto'n awa'

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