The Old Rustic Bridge (By The Mill)
T. P. Keenan
This tune refers to an old bridge in Castletownroche, County Cork, Ireland.
I'm thinking tonight of the old rustic bridge
That bends o'er the murmuring stream.
'Twas there Maggie dear, with our hearts full of cheer,
We strayed 'neath the moon's gentle gleam.
'Twas there I first met you, the light of your eyes,
Awoke in my heart a sweet thrill.
Though now far away, still my thoughts fondly stray,
To the old rustic bridge by the mill.

Beneath it a stream gently rippled.
Around it the birds loved to thrill
Though now far away still my thoughts fondly stray
To the old rustic bridge by the mill.

How often, dear Maggie, when years passed away,
And we plighted lovers became;
We rambled the path to the bridge, day by day,
The smiles of each other to claim.
But one day we parted in pain and regret,
Our vows then we could not fulfil;
Oh, may we soon meet and our fond love repeat,
On the old rustic bridge by the mill.


I keep in my mem'ry the love of the past,
With me 'tis as bright as of old;
For deep in my heart it was planted to last,
In absence it never grows cold.
I think of you darling, when lonely at night,
And when all is peaceful and still;
My heart wanders back in a dream of delight,
To the old rustic bridge by the mill.


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